The process we used to develop our school vision and values is highly reflective of our School Vision itself – Learning, Creating and Growing Together. The children, staff, parents and wider community have worked together with the governors to develop the vision and values. We are very proud of our school and everything that we are working towards as a team together. This year, we will be embedding and integrating our school vision and values into all parts of the school community – we look forward to all members of our community  joining us on this journey!

Our School Vision: Learning, Creating and Growing Together 

Our mission – as a school community – is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up to learn, create and grow together.

We do this through our Five Values 

The ‘The Webheath Way’

We are…

  • kind
  • positive
  •  curious
  • inclusive
  • creative

We are proud to be the very best that we can be.

At Webheath Academy Primary School, everyone can reach their full potential within a happy, stimulating and secure environment.

We are Kind.
We are a place where care and respect for each other, our school family and the wider community are paramount. We provide a caring, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels happy and safe.

The children say: ‘ We are kind – We treat each with respect and fairness and we care for each other.’

We are Positive.
We believe that everyone should be encouraged to achieve their full potential, in an atmosphere where all success, great or small, is celebrated. Mistakes are steps to success, crucial to deeper learning. We develop in everyone a sense of self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline.

The children say: ‘We are positive – We believe in ourselves and each other and we never give up.’

We are Curious.
We develop moral, spiritual and intellectual curiosity, encouraging a passion and fascination for all types of learning. We provide opportunities that build confidence, growing in responsibility and independence, so that everyone is well-equipped for the challenges in life. We develop enquiring minds and the ability to make reasoned judgements and choices.

The children say: ‘We are curious – We ask questions and we are invested in our learning so that we can develop and grow.’

We are Inclusive.
We believe that everyone should be encouraged to embrace, accept and understand people with different beliefs, needs and circumstances. We help everyone to recognise the talents and needs of others and to  work with others in a spirit of cooperation and appreciation. We provide appropriate individual and collaborative learning experiences for all.

The children say: ‘We are inclusive – We welcome everybody into our Webheath community. We treat people equally and take responsibility for our actions towards others.’

We are Creative.
We are a place where creative thinking is embraced and celebrated. We encourage everyone to use imagination and think critically so that they are able to form meaningful ideas, where they can take risks, be independent and flexible.

‘‘We are creative – We use our imaginations to express ourselves, make decisions and inspire others.’