With the onset of summer term, sunshine and reflection on the year are key features for a headteacher in any setting. End of year assessments and the amazing progress our children have made is always a pleasure to have witnessed. Despite all the negative press about the difficulty of Key Stage statutory assessments, our pupils at Webheath demonstrated their true resilience and took it in their stride.

Don’t get me wrong, they were challenged and tried their hardest, and they approached them with confidence. They had the exact attitude that 11-year-olds should have towards these assessments and took them as an opportunity to demonstrate their own learning. Whatever the outcomes, they deserve to be proud of themselves. They are now looking forward to flying the nest of Webheath and take the next step in their learning journeys; a bittersweet event.

Not only have Year 6 being part of National benchmarking as our Year 1 children are screened on their phonics knowledge, Year 2 teacher assessments are submitted nationally, and Year 4 are tested on their abilities to have instant recall of all their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12!

The summer term is always a busy one.