As a school and Trust, we take mental health and well-being very seriously and are working towards more staff being Youth Mental Health First Aid trained. Currently, within our school we have a trained Mental Health First Aider for pupils who also manages our PSH and RSE curriculum to ensure they are intertwined.

The phrase ‘mental health’ is often thought to refer to mental health problems. It is the case, however, that everyone has mental health.  People have times when their mental health is good and also times when it isn’t.  Mental health can vary over time, just like physical health.
Although we have a raised awareness of ill mental health and difficulties such as anxiety or depression to name a couple from a very long list , we have no trained professional counsellors on our staff.

The expectations these days are to self refer through agencies. We have included links below to services that offer support both locally and nationally. Our team can help signpost.

Young minds
Worcestershire Healthy Minds
NHS go
No panic